17th to 24th  June,Farmer Parrs Fleetwood


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Temporary Holiday site


Start Date:
17th June 2019
Finish Date:
24th June 2019
Geoff  and Christine  01257368411  or Dave and Linda 01652 648996
Water, Elsan, 
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Information: .Local attractions,Animals and Museum, Fleetwood market  with over 250 stalls 

Marine Hall,Art Deco  building with a programme of music shows and comedy.

Fleetwood Marsh Nature Reserve with decorative Iron gateway and pieces of public art.

Directions: .

Additional Information: Close to Blackpool and Morecambe Bays,Lancaster Castle,Ribble valley and Pendle Hill famous for its witches.Site on regular bus route (Bus passes cannot be used on the Trams)